Monday, February 19, 2007

Many Trips

I really like this block. I haven't been as pleased with a block as I am with this one in a long time. I love the colors, and the movement. It's called "Many Trips".


Hootin'Anni said...

That's a cool one for sure!! I see you've incorporated some blue in it also. *smiles* DO know that this quilt will be so beautiful!!

Is it going to be a gift for someone, or for yourself?

I love the warm colors this quilt is going to have!!

Hig 5 Barb. [Miss you terribly---hope things are going well for you]

Barb said...

Hey Hooter ;) This is a class quilt, a "sampler", learning different types of blocks and techniques. It will be for me, probably one I will hang on the wall in my sewing room. Or I might make it large enough to use for a throw in the family room.

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm really enjoying what I'm learning on this one. And am relaxing and enjoying it.

Miss you too. This job just takes all my time and energy. A few days away will do me good.

Hope that you find this. :)

the night owl said...

barb, you must be a lady of many talents !! Your quilt is beautiful and calming looking.I have never learned this hobby. I can cross-stitch; but I am bad about starting a piece ; and never finishing it.It takes patience, which I am short of !!! I found your name under the over 50 blog site.Come visit me.

PowersTwinB said...

Oh Barb! This is very very cool! I love the colors! Where did it get it's name? Many Trips? was that because it took many trips to the store for supplies? lol

PJ said...

It's beautiful! I wish I could get motivated to sew again.