Sunday, August 13, 2006

6th Quilt Block

This one just makes me laugh. I missed the class on how to do it, and the instructions that I picked up were not complete. I thought that I could fake it, and I sorta did ... except that when I was done, the block is 11 1/4" square instead of 12 1/2" square. LOL Oh well .... guess I'll not be using this one in the quilt. LOL


Susan said...

That's a favorite block of mine. My first antique quilt that I bought was that pattern. It was a centennial quilt in blues and whites. It was called Bachelor's Puzzle. If you can't find another use for it, you can send it to me for one of the AmHero quilts. =)

Did you love making it?

Melli said...

This block sort of hurts my eyes when I look at it... I keep thinking it should be pinwheels -- but that one of the triangles is in the wrong spot? But then when I look at the square going through the center you can TELL that it's right! I bet when it's together with a bunch more just like it, it all works great -- but just the one piece throws me off! (not hard to do...) LOL!

LibertyBelle said...

All your blocks are fabulous.
You have a beautiful talent!

Wystful1 said...

....and besides, it's odd to have one (or I should say 2) corners that don't match the others. Looks too LSDish. rofmao. "I crack myself up"....LSDish? Well, I mean looks like something went awry? There, that's better

Nathan said...

Nice quilt quilt block, it is kind of funny. My blog has a similar name. It is