Sunday, August 13, 2006

6th Quilt Block

This one just makes me laugh. I missed the class on how to do it, and the instructions that I picked up were not complete. I thought that I could fake it, and I sorta did ... except that when I was done, the block is 11 1/4" square instead of 12 1/2" square. LOL Oh well .... guess I'll not be using this one in the quilt. LOL

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Finished Quilt

I'm amazed at how long it's been since I posted anything here. I went back to work the end of May, and obviously I haven't had much time for anything but that. However, I DID manage to finally complete the binding on my quilt and it's even been through the washer and dryer to soften it up. Any evening that's a little cool, you can find me curled up under it on the couch.