Tuesday, May 09, 2006

4th Quilt Block

4 down, 8 to go. The blue and white is finally growing on me and I'm starting to see the possibilities of a quilt finally being made from these blocks. This block went together much easier than last months, and I notice that I'm becoming more confident of my ability to put a block together.

The little squares, that have 4 triangles in them, are 3" squares. So you can see that those little triangles are 3" by 1-1/2" deep, pretty darned small to be working with. I learned a great technique for sewing those together and cutting on the diagonal that made them very easy to work with.


Melli said...

And all your points are SO perfect!!! WOW! I am just really impressed! You're doing great! And I think when all twelve are done it's going to be gorgeous! (but I always DID like the blue/white combo!)

PJ said...

Oh, I like this one, great job!

PowersTwinB said...

This square is very pretty!...so how many patterns squares are in a quilt?...Great Job sweetie!...now if this was in green and white...woo hoo...my "signature color!" lol

Barb said...

one block a month, for 12 months, so 12 blocks for this one. I think. Now, as I say it, I realize that I just assumed 12. Hmmmm maybe it's just 6. LOL I never asked. Too funny. If it's only 6, I'll probably be making 6 more with different fabric. And oooohhhh yeah I would have loved for it to be green and white instead of the blue.

Thanks for dropping in. It's always fun to have guests. :)

Wystful1 said...

Barb.....now I gotta be honest, with this last quilt piece you have from yesterday?-----I've never seen this design!! And I love it!!

Oh your quilt will be so wonderful!

Hmmmmmmmm, you say you wished it was green? I LOVE greens too. LOL I'd much rather have greens than blues. But if you only make 6 and you incorporate other pieces you could make it shades of blues and greens. That'd be very very pretty when finished.

Great stuff dear friend!!! Great stuff.

Barb said...

Wystful, Yes indeedie that's just what I had in mind, to incorporate more greens and yellows with the sashing and borders when I make them into a quilt. There are a lot of retro fabrics out there too and I've been wanting to make something out of them, so I might even use some of those.

Jon Cox said...

Great quilts!!