Saturday, April 01, 2006

My First Quilt still in progress

I have an appointment to take my quilt top and backing to the quilter on April 11th. Then it will take about a month to get it back. At that point, I will have to put on the binding and it will finally be done. Melli mentioned a quilt pattern she saw with X's and O's, so I snapped a photo of my waiting quilt top. Do you see X's and O's here? I do!! This is an Irish Chain variation, and we noticed in class, when laying it out, that you can make X's and O's with it.

We've had some cool evenings lately, and I've sure wished this quilt was done so I could curl up in it while watching TV. It's new home will be the back of my couch, just for that purpose.


Melli said...

LOL! I dO see X's and O's in your quilt -- but I wasn't talking about the pattern of the quilt -- I was talking about the pattern of the "quilting" -- the stitches sewn in to "quilt" the piece. I'll go see If I can find it and come leave you a link to it! :) That quilt of yours is just GORGEOUS! I love it!

Melli said...

Here's the link to it!

X & O Quilt

It's the 2nd entry down on the page (right now) and the picture on top (there are 3) looks like it's just O's -- but then the full picture shows the X's and O's. It's a little different than I remembered. (triple circles - not double and single X's - not double! eh... minor details!) LOL! Anyway... I thought it was cute!

Wystful1 said...

Do you have a quilting pattern stitch picked out for this yet Barb?

How wonderful to have it finished and ready for the quilting!!

You did GOOD!!!

Barb said...

Melli - - - I am laughing with you. I assumed it was the piecing that you were talking about. I did go look at the quilting from the URL that you left. Very nice! I like that a lot.

Norma said...

I am really impressed. I see so many talented crafts people on the internet. We've hung a number of quilt shows in our Visual Arts Ministry at church.