Friday, April 14, 2006

3rd Quilt Block

I learned a valuable lesson on April's Block of the Month: never leave it for the last minute. I was frantically sewing this block together yesterday and then rushed out the door to class with it. My points are off and the seams on the back are not pressed in the right direction. I'm tempted to take it apart and begin again. But I'm also tempted to just leave it as is and say "good enough" again.
The fabrics continue to be blue and white, so it looks like the only way that I'm going to get more colors in it is to make more blocks with different fabrics and mix them all together with multi colored sashing and borders. Actually, that sounds like a fun thing to do.
I have the fabric and pattern for May's block and I'm going to do it in the next couple of days before I forget everything she taught us about it. This next one has some very small triangles and looks difficult. I definately need to take my time on it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Quilter Experience

Well, I took my first quilt to the quilter yesterday. Bobby, the owner and quilter, at Riverside Quilting couldn't have been more helpful and understanding of my inexperience. I needed to choose thread and the quilting pattern, and I didn't know what to choose. I finally agreed to pay a certain amount of money that gave her some flexibility in the pattern and I chose a green variegated thread. That may change when she actually gets ready to quilt it. I have about a 7-8 week wait until I get it back. This will sure test my patience, huh? We decided on some feathering for the quilting and I assume there will be some other pattern in there as well.

Quilting is certainly a learning experience and I learn more with each thing that I do.

On my way home from the quilter, I stopped at a fabric store and bought some cute baby flannel for a quilt for a great niece. It has little booties and blocks and butterflies on it, along with lots of other cute baby things. It will be fun to work on.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Flannel Quilt is Complete

After spending a total of about 10 hours sewing yesterday and the day before, my Johnny and Buck quilt is complete. I learned a lot doing this, and would hate to add up how many stitches that I ripped out and redid. I finally had to say "good enough" and just finish it, because it has to go in the mail on Monday so that it will be in Nebraska in time for the baby shower.

I love the feel of this quilt. I made it with Moda flannel fabric, the print is Johnny and Buck, a retro cowboy and indians print collection. For the batting I used 100% cotton (Warm and Natural), and although not thick, I am hoping it will provide the warmth needed on those cold winter Nebraska days and nights.

For the quilting I used a natural color thread in a diagonal pattern through the corners of the squares. It was simple and quick, just what I needed, since I haven't taken a machine quilting class yet. I struggled with the stitch length and thread tension when I began, but eventually figured it out.
I can't wait to see my new great-grandson all wrapped up in this.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Looking for Quilting Pattern

I have been searching for quilting patterns for my quilt. For this first quilt, I want to keep the cost down, and I'm a little confused as to what I get for the basic fee. But what I have in mind is something like these. It would be an all-over, edge to edge pattern. I do prefer the top one to the bottom one, but I don't know if it would be more expensive. I am hoping I will understand it all better once I have met with the quilter.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My First Quilt still in progress

I have an appointment to take my quilt top and backing to the quilter on April 11th. Then it will take about a month to get it back. At that point, I will have to put on the binding and it will finally be done. Melli mentioned a quilt pattern she saw with X's and O's, so I snapped a photo of my waiting quilt top. Do you see X's and O's here? I do!! This is an Irish Chain variation, and we noticed in class, when laying it out, that you can make X's and O's with it.

We've had some cool evenings lately, and I've sure wished this quilt was done so I could curl up in it while watching TV. It's new home will be the back of my couch, just for that purpose.