Sunday, March 05, 2006

First Quilt Top

This is the upper corner of the quilt top that I made during my beginning quilt class. It's my first quilt and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. If I had it to do over, I would choose a different highlight fabric (the light green squares) so that it included more of the colors within the border. But, again, this is all about learning at this point, and that's just what I did with this quilt top: learned a lot. My points turned out fairly well, and I'm happy with that. The backing will be the plum color of the small border before the 8" border. (note: the green in the pieced portion of the quilt really does match the border well, but for some reason the camera distorted the colors.)


Wystful1 said...

What happened to all your other blogging? Did they get lost or did you change your mind? And then, your weight loss blog?-----are you still working on the blog to change the colors and such, or decide to not do that blog and do something different. Maybe you heard about a job opportunity and you're going to accept, that'd be cool for you. Is that it?

Your quilt top looks very nice. I love the greens.

Melli said...

Beautiful quilt top Barb! I think the dark green matches the border beautifully! I don't "notice" the distortion! It's really beautiful! I love seeing all your projects!