Friday, February 24, 2006

... and then there were two. 2nd quilt block

oh my gosh this one was more difficult than the first. But I got it done. The instructor of the class says that by the time that we are finished we should have about 40 different fabrics in this quilt. I'm getting bored with the blue and white. The flowers on this one have little yellow centers, so I'm hoping for some yellow fabric to come. I have a new best friend: my seam ripper.


Melli said...

Oh wow! That one is really intricate! I would sO dearly love to make one of these... but I do NOT see me having the patience for this. And I already know -- I HATE seam rippers! LOL! You ARE inspiring me... but like you with my weight program... I'm not certain that you'll actually see me take out my sewing machine! LOL!

Wystful1 said...

my, oh my, oh MY! Barb, this is gonna be awesome. So, so far it looks like it's gonna be all blues? But oooooooo, such wonderful work.

jackie said...

Thought I would visit you as you were just one below me on the list for bloggers who embelish. Nobody seemed to have visited you yet.
I am at stitchworks-jackie.