Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Buying a Sewing Machine

You know, buying a sewing machine shouldn't be so tuff. After two trips to the shop, and about three hours, I came away feeling like I was being conned by a used car salesman. None of the machines had a price tag on them. I had to ask the price of each. The top of the line that she spent tons of time telling me about and getting me all excited about ... was only $9000!!!! Can you believe that? Good grief!! I said "very nice, but WAY out of my budget. What cha got for under a thousand?" She showed me a nice machine that does what I need and more. "How much?" I ask. She says "I'll have to go check". Why does that ring of "I'll have to go show this to my manager" at the car lot? sheeeeeeesh She comes back and says $699. Well, still more than I had in mind, but I guess I could make a few payments. Still not sure, so she says she'll write the info down for me, so I have it when I come back. The slip says regular price $1499, sale price $799. Now wait. You said $699. Ohhhh that was the old sale price that's not in effect now. hmmmmm okay this still looks like a pretty good deal. I go online, at home, to compare prices. Another road block. I'm finding lots about sewing machines, but no prices. I go to the Pfaff site. There's the machine I want. No prices. Is this a conspiracy? Do I even know how to spell conspiracy, yet alone recognize one when I see it? I find my model a couple of places on the internet that say MRSP is $999. Crud. I really really reaaaalllly feel like I'm getting ripped off here. So .... no new machine for me until I figure out how this all works. LIke I said ... it just shouldn't be this tuff to buy a sewing machine.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mission Statement

Welcome to Small Ripples in the Pond. It's my intention to keep a record here of the projects that I am currently working on, and to share anything to do with the creative process. I've recently returned to quilting, which I barely began about 15 years ago. Having taken a beginning quilting class at that time, I became discouraged when I tried to hand quilt my project, and it ended up on the shelf for 15 years, with the intent of someday finishing it. I also dabble in sewing, knitting, crocheting, and card making.